Started out windsurfing in the 90's

First kite was a naish ARX in around 2002. 

A lot of twin tip riding in Raglan, Wanaka and the Cook Islands then moving on to kite foil around 2016.

Was lucky enough to fly one of the ozone wing prototypes in 2019.  Back then we didn't make it look very good. A lot of floating waiting for the gusts!

Around the same time I designed, 3d printed and built my first foil (faux) drive unit and used it on my SUP board.  It was fun, it and worked ok.   but after spending years riding small kite foil boards and towing with a jetski I felt it was too much of a compromise with added weight, drag and battery life.

The idea for an electric mini jetski had been in my mind for a while so when researching a build i came across a few people who had made a great start using a pelican case and bodyboard (boogie board).

The first was built by a guy Mike from Malibu.  PacificMeister on the foil.zone website came up with the great name "tow boogie"

I build my first Boogie using using a similar design.  A bodyboard, massive battery pack, powerful motor, speed controller and a radio receiver.   It was so much fun on the flat, and even more fun in the waves.